It only takes a heartbeat to know that Art is for you, too. 

There is a moment between you and a piece of art that stirs the heart before the mind. You will not always have the words for it, but you will always get a feeling of what it is. We all get it. And we live for those moments.

Such moments lead to joy, delight, fascination, enchantment, peace, and even nostalgia. You don’t need a degree to feel these, only a degree of openness and appreciation. And when this happens, you would immediately realize that Art is made for everyone.

Welcome to Artists of Advertising. A collective of art creators that showcase their work for you to find one another. Here, we have a space where it is just you and the artwork (and on occasion, the artists). A space you can freely explore and experience by allowing your senses and instinct to connect you with an art piece.
Sometimes, this space gets theatrical and cinematic. That’s because Art always tells a story. From preoccupation to conception, from broad strokes to its finest details, you can discover how Art makes the world a better place.
You are most welcome to stay. And even more welcome to find your piece.